One of the original races that inhabited Ethuria, the elves are the direct descendants of the Gods and Demons. This unnatural union brought with it many trials for the elves, as they did not belong with the Gods or the Demons. Through many harsh generations, the elves of Ethuria eventually split into two factions based on the lifestyle they chose to follow, and the location in which they chose to settle down in.

The Tu’shum or The Desert Elves

The Tu’shum (Too-shh-uhm), also known as the desert elves, are the dark-skinned cousins of the Yal’lishic. Hailing from the continent of Tsyuvitia, the Tu’shum are renowned for their physical abilities and adaptability in their harsh native homeland.

The Yal’lishic or The Woodland Elves

The Yal’lishic  (Yall-issh-ick), also known as the woodland elves, are the fair skinned cousins of the Tu’shum. Hailing from the chain of islands known as Yvata, the Yal’lishic are renowned for their magical prowess and their complex understanding of the functions of a being’s body.

The Se’lashuc or The Artificial Elves

The Se’lashuc (Se-la-shu-ck) are a race of elves that should’ve never existed.