The Races of Ethuria


The predominant race found inhabiting the continents of Ethuria; they are the descendants of humans from other worlds that were brought to Ethuria for unknown reasons. They are strong spirited and have adapted to the harsh lands of Ethuria; although they are not as proficient with Mana like the Faerie races, they do display high potential with Artes and excel with the use of Finesse.

Children of Mana

There are multiple races that are collectively referred to as the Children of Mana they include; The Elves and The Fae.

The Elves

The Fae

Hluar (Uu-lar)

The Hluarians (Uu-lar-ri-ans) are a combined collective of beast races that live on the continents of Ethuria. This collective consists of the Kitsune, the Neugdae, the Kissa, and the Obez’yana.





The Moon Tribe

A mysterious race said to have been born of the space between Ethuria and other worlds. This mysterious race was highly proficient with the manipulation of Mana and were masters of the Artes and its use of Finesse. And with this mastery over Mana and the Artes; The Moon Tribe would go on to create the most powerful artifacts in Ethuria. Although sometime during Ethuria’s history, most of the Moon Tribe mysteriously died off, and to this day nobody knows why……