An Ethurian Tale Episode 1

An Ethurian Tale, Episode 1 Version 0.04.1  is currently on hiatus. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Bookmark this page or fill out this form to be notified when the next version of the demo will be available for download.
Alternatively you can join the Project Ethuria Discord Server and chat with us there, just make sure to say whether you came from the site or YouTube!

Project Ethuria Discord
Bountiful Maiden Lobby

Currently Available for PC ONLY. Requests for Linux and MacOs versions can be made.

Early Development Game Demos (E.D’s)

E.D.D (Zip Format): 8 September, 2016: Version 0.012 Download

Pick Your Poison
E.D.A.D (Zip Format): 16 October, 2016: Version 0.02 Download

E.D.A.D (Installer): 16 October, 2016: Version 0.02 Download

Current Version
E.D.A.D Version 0.03.1 (Zip Format): 28 March, 2017: Version 0.03.1 Download